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Frequently Asked Questions

Online CC Payment
Do I need to create a login account?
No, you do not have to create an account, but if you do, your information will be safely stored on our merchant processor, where you may simplify log in and easily populate your address for future payments.
Can I put an invoice or sales number?
Yes, there is an option for a invoice number, additionally, there is a "notes" section where you can list all or more sales orders or invoices. You can also add your account number to the "notes" section.
Must I put an invoice or sales number?
No, it is optional. However, we would recommend you to put your account number in the "notes" section, while making an online payment.
How do I add my account number?
While you are entering the information after providing a payment amount, there is a "notes" section, where you may put your account number.

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